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The "S" word.

Wouldn’t we all like to have such a confidence about our future success that there are no doubts in our mind that success will materialize? How do we build this confidence?

I find it best to set a goal, formulate a plan of action, create a deadline, put said plan into action, and revisit my written plan daily.

At times my goals seem overwhelming and difficult to complete. I have found that I must condition myself to focus on the smaller task that will eventually lead me to completion of the larger task at hand. I feel great when I can check things off of my to do list and remain disciplined each day to see my goals through. Some days I fall short but I can’t let set backs defeat me.

The following are some tips that I have compiled through reading and video research over time. I find that I have to review these tips consistently to keep things fresh in mind. With the hustle and bustle of the day, the weeks, the months; after a while I tend to drift and lose focus. If you happen to use these tips be sure to set time aside to review them daily.

-Be 100% accountable and rise above circumstances

- Check your interpretation, Confront your assumptions

- Make expectations clear, don’t expect others to read your mind

- Create positive partnerships, stop negative talk about yourself and others

- Speak up, stop holding yourself back

- Commit or do not commit, don’t hedge

- Own the problem, don’t blame or make excuses

- Recover quickly and come back stronger- stop defeating yourself

- Be Precise and avoid word traps that derail you

- Fix your mind on the exact goal you desire

- Determine exactly what you plan to give in return for what you desire

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