Antwaun Smith

Angel of Music Productions

Digital Media Producer/Founder


I took a childhood desire to be a music producer/singer into a bit of a different direction. I became interested in several aspects of digital media, and as much as I would like to be great at everything digital, I had to narrow it down. So I asked myself, "Self, how can you be valuable to others while still enjoying what you do?" I decided to direct my energy to helping others polish their music, fixing small and large imperfections that occur in the creation process, and providing information for those that may benefit from my acquired knowledge. Additionally, head-shot and portrait photography have become a passion of mine. Interacting with different clients while figuring out lighting, posing, framing, etc is quite enjoyable. 

As a Digital Media Producer I have had the pleasure of being involved in the following:

-Recorded and Mixed 100+ songs (clients have received over 100k streams)

-Performed as talent in 60+ Voice Overs

-Shot and edited multiple Music Videos and Short ads

-Shot and edited several photo sessions

-Assisted on documentaries, and weddings

-Created audio for Huntar game app

-Created audio for short animation projects

I enjoy what I do, but the most rewarding thing it is when my clients get awesome results and reach and/or exceed the goals that were previously established. I want to help you rise to new heights.

I look forward to hearing your tracks and snapping your photos!