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Self Discipline

Webster Dictionary's definition of Discipline:

The practice of training people to obey rules or a code of behavior, using punishment to correct disobedience.

So what is self discipline to me?

My attempt at the definition for self discipline is to get in command of my actions. Being able to choose the actions that are in my best interest and choosing those actions regardless of outside influence or circumstances.

Within my own mind is where the battle is fought.

*I know answering certain phone calls may keep me from reaching a deadline that has been set.

*I know eating certain foods that may look, smell, and taste amazing will likely cause me indigestion and therefor remove me from my best state of being for productivity.

*I know remaining in my comfort zone will keep me from growing and being able to experience new things. etc.

So here are a few things that I do that have been helpful for me.

-I set clear goals and think of a plan to reach them: I write goals out, and I revisit the plan consistently to be sure that I am moving according to plan.

-I take action: I have so many dreams and ideas that start off with so much enthusiasm and energy but I would not act on them. Eventually the idea loses its appeal. Now I make it a habit to take action on my ideas. Even if I cant physically take the idea on at the moment I will at-least write it down. Except now, I set aside a time in my schedule weekly to further develop those ideas into a plan of action. Even still, every idea that I come up with doesn't get fully off the ground, but I have seen much more results using this method than what I was doing in the past.

I remove temptations: Turn off my ringer, no cakes, treats, alcohol, or anything laying around the house that I can easily access to get me off task. My body ends up giving me all the information I need to know about what I am ingesting. Whether it be indigestion, headaches, hangovers, or butterfly's in my stomach. I didn't understand it before, but my body comes fully equipped with a "best interest alert system." The ailing that results is a warning that what I ingested wasn't in my best interest. Don't get me wrong. Occasionally I will partake in a celebratory treat or drink. But to be the most efficient, and mentally alert, I know I have to be careful what I intake.

There are many factors, scenarios, and circumstances, that I haven't covered and each persons experience is different, so

What are some tips for self discipline that you can add from your experience?

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