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Slowly but Surely

I love videography, photography, music production/beat-making, audio mixing/mastering, animation, graphic design, etc...

One of my biggest challenges over the years has been the thought of maintaining focus on one form of creativity and sticking to it to become great at it.

Let me explain…

Each potential profession I just listed has been, at a time, something that I am interested in pursuing. As a freelancer, I have made spent some time in each category and have become more skilled and efficient as time has passed.

Also after graduating from Pima Community College with an Associates in Digital Film/Animation and ASU with a Bachelors in Digital Culture (Art, Media, and Engineering) Degree and looking at the job market, it always felt like local employers were looking for individuals who are experts in several categories in digital media production as well as social media marketing. This also motivated me to get at least a mid-level if not an expert-level understanding of several different forms of digital media production. Employers not only wanted you to have expertise in several different digital media tasks but also required that you have several years of experience with a proven history. Somewhat of a catch 22 when you're coming out of college or considered entry-level.

Needless to say, simply having a degree won't make you a success. In the past I would frequently think to myself: Why didn't I make better connections and network more while I was in school? Why didn't I pursue some type of internship? Why wasn't I more involved in clubs or social events? How could I have been so oblivious to the different things I needed to do that lead to success in my field?

But unlike my younger years, I am becoming more in tune with the entrepreneurial spirit, and I look forward to utilizing all of these skills in pursuit of newly developed goals. I had to move away from questioning my past, and move into action in the direction I want to go.

Have you ever felt something similar?

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