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Concentration Killer

Productivity is very important to me so...

Nowadays I always keep my phone on silent with the intent to keep from being distracted so often and I have gotten really good at keeping my focus. But...

Have you ever experienced something like this?

One minute you may be working on things that you need to complete, then you look at your phone and see that you received a call or text from a friend or family member.

You have missed their attempt to reach you several times recently so

You hit them back and you are suddenly immersed in their story, about whatever good or bad news they called to share with you.

Now you are in their world, excited for them or empathizing with them depending on their reason for calling.

Meanwhile, you have to get back to work, so though you hate to cut the conversation short, you have to go.

You try to regain concentration but you can’t shake the thoughts and emotions that come up from your previous interaction. You have completely lost your concentration.

You decide you will take a break and start fresh in 15 minutes.

As you grab a snack you pick up your phone and see other missed calls along with several other alerts.

You decide you will call people back later when you have more time.

But you mindlessly log into your social media accounts where you are now ingesting a plethora of different energies from random people, known and unknown.

You have officially killed your own concentration!

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